Edge protection ///

If your strapped goods are to be protected against edge wear or strapping cutting in, then our edge protection program is perfectly matching. We produce our edge protection from plastic as edge protection corners or from solid cardboard as edge protection strips. 


Edge protection corners ///

Edge protection corners prevent the strapping from cutting into the strapped goods and vary depending on design and strap width.


TypeExplanationStrap widthUnits
3501MD with mandrel up to 19 mm 2.000 pcs.
3501OD without mandrel up to 19 mm 2.000 pcs.
504040 without mandrel 25 -32 mm 2.000 pcs.
KSE50P without mandrel up to 50 mm 500 pcs.
KSEJUMBO Jumbo up to 70 mm 54 pcs.
CP100 with T-slot up to 108 mm 200 pcs.


Corner caps ///

Corner caps protect your strapped goods if they have fragile corners that may split or break off in transit. Depending on the quality of your strapped goods you can choose between open and closed designs.


TypeCornersInternal dimensionopengeschlossenUnits
CCP15 Corner caps 15 mm x 1.000 pcs.
CCP18 Corner caps 18 mm x

1.000 pcs.

CCP22 Corner caps 22 mm x 850 pcs.
CPRO Corner caps 26 mm x 1.000 pcs.
CCP28 Corner caps 28 mm x 1.000 pcs.


Edge protection strips ///

Kantenschutzleisten Our edge protection strips are produced in Germany from solid cardboard and can protect the edges of strapped goods completely or partially, depending on the requirements that you stipulate regarding edge protection. We produce the strips according to your personal specifications. Please provide us with the following information and we will furnish you with a quotation: Side length x side length x wall thickness x section length.